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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

Also, known as “scarless surgery”, SILS is one of more recent breakthroughs in the arena of minimally invasive colon surgery. The SILS technique is very beneficial for qualified candidates. Instead of one large open incision or multiple smaller ones, this technique involves one single, small incision, which is often “hidden” in the navel. A Single Port device is placed through this tiny incision and allows a high definition camera and all of the laparoscopic instruments to be paced in this one incision. All of the steps of the procedure are successfully performed without any other incisions or ports.

single port

Benefits of Single Incision Surgery

The most obvious benefit is the lack of a large and painful scar versus the traditional open colon surgery in which a 12 to 16 inch incision is made across the abdomen. Since the entire colon surgery is performed through a single small scar, patients recover with much less pain and take much less opioid pain killers. Patients also have a lower risk of wound infections and hernias when compared to open surgery. The post-operative recovery time is noticeably shorter, making the return to normal life much quicker. Only a few specialists in the world offer this technique to their patients routinely for the treatment of colon diseases. We have performed hundreds of SILS and are one of the leading centers of excellence for this procedure.

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