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Hello, my name is Mike Lister. I had problematic diverticulitis bouts since 2010. In 2018 the Gulf Coast Gastroenterology Team took a look at my system. They performed a full work over involving a colonoscopy, endoscopy, small bowel series and a pill cam. They kept a watchful eye on me and in 2019 I had some intestinal infections that required hospitalization. They decided it was most likely time for surgery, so Dr. Haas was highly recommended.
In March of 2020 Dr. Haas and his team removed around eight inches of my colon that was in really bad shape and performed an ileostomy procedure. After a couple of months, I had some tests and imaging that confirmed my colon had indeed healed very well. In early June of 2020 the Surgeons reversed the ileostomy, again the results were very successful. It’s only been eight weeks since the reversal and I feel wonderful! I haven’t felt this great in many years! I would like to thank all of the surgeons, nurses, staff members, all of the folks at Methodist and HCA Hospitals and anyone else who cared for me. Y’all ROCK! I feel like I have a new lease on life and am thankful from the bottom of my heart! I pray blessings on you all and your families from head to toe, in Jesus name, Amen.

Michael Wayne Lister recommends Houston Colon

My husband has been seeing Dr. Haas for the past year or so. This week he had surgery due to diverticulitis, this was a rough surgery, especially since this is during the COVID-19 pandemic and could have no one with him or visit him the entire week that he has been there. One or more of the doctors from Dr. Haas’s office have been there to see Alan every day and I have been on FaceTime with him for each of their visits. They have been wonderful about answering all of Alan’s and my questions, calming our fears, explaining procedures, clear with their orders, and compassionate. Dr. Weaver, Dr. LeFave and Dr. Haas were all there during the surgery. Dr. Haas called me after the surgery, and he called my daughter who is a nurse to make sure that we understood what was done and why it was done. This has been a difficult time for us, not being together, but we could not ask for better doctors. We highly recommend these physicians.

Liz Caskey Brumbaugh recommends Houston Colon

Dr. Haas and his colleagues gave me my life back. For the past 3 years, I have been suffering with diverticulitis attacks and everyone that I have seen just gave me antibiotics to calm it down. In March 2020, I have had the worst attack that I have ever had, and my doctor requested a CT scan. She immediately referred me to Dr. Haas. Dr. Haas wasted no time and called me to set me up with immediate surgery. His staff and colleagues are very helpful and super nice. Surgery is a success, and I feel great, as the weeks go by, I am getting stronger every day. I recommend Dr. Haas and his colleagues 100%!!!

Sergio SanMiguel recommends Houston Colon