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I struggled for a very long time with extreme bowel pain due to endometriosis. It affected my work, my home life and my social life. It slowly took over every part of my life, making decisions based on whether there was a bathroom I was comfortable using. The disease process was so slow, I almost didn’t believe it had gotten as bad as I knew it was deep down, and I almost let the fear of surgery talk me out of doing something about it. But I decided to have faith and there are no words to express how amazing I feel now. Four weeks after my resections, I had my first NORMAL bowel movement, and as silly as this sounds, I wanted to cry. There was NO pain! NO nagging pains that I needed to just sit on the toilet for another hour! I just “did my business” and couldn’t believe how EASY it was! Dr. Haas and his team really FIXED me! Not only did they fix me, but they used mind-blowing, state of the art techniques that made my recovery so much easier! I’ll never be able to tell his team how truly grateful I am they gave me back my life. Look out tennis courts – I’m coming back!

Leah Isbell Sachitano From Ecuador

I started to notice some bleeding with my bowel movements. I ignored it for a while but the bleeding wouldn’t stop and started to worsen so I went to get a colonoscopy where I live in Mexico. The results came back and it showed colon cancer and due to a difficult location of the cancer I was referred to get the surgery done with Dr. Eric Haas at Methodist hospital in Houston. I was incredibly impressed with the staff, we got an appointment on the same day we called . On my first visit after showing my medical history, I explained I had history of pulmonary nodules and that my doctors in Mexico were following. This is not Dr. Haas specialty and not why I went to see him, but he immediately investigated further and ordered a CT scan. We found out I had early stage pulmonary cancer and I wouldn’t have found out without Dr. Haas! One week after my visit I had my colon surgery. Dr. Haas removed the cancer and due to the size and location he was able to prevent a permanent colostomy bag and only gave me a temporary ileostomy to allow the surgical area to heal. I later found out that most patients with my type of cancer would have needed a colostomy for life. Even though I thought it would be bothersome, I had no pain or discomfort with my ileostomy bag and was able to do my daily activities. Only one month later I had my second surgery with Dr. Haas to remove the ileostomy bag and I’ve been feeling excellent ever since! While in Houston Dr. Haas also arranged for the best pulmonary cancer doctors who have treated and cured that cancer too. I have now returned to Mexico and life is so great. DR. HAAS SAVED MY LIFE IN MANY WAYS. I’ll always be grateful to him and his team. His professionalism, his bedside manners and his caring and his knowledge are superb. Thank you for everything.

Gerardo Murra From Mexico

We were faced with an unimaginable diagnosis of the “C” word back in August 2014, something that you never want to hear. We never mentioned the “C” because we wanted only to speak about CURE, HEALING and not mention that word. It is ok to cry together or by yourself and know it is ok to do that. Educate yourself, ask questions as much as you can about YOUR particular “C”. If something does not sound right then trust that feeling. It is a process and I can assure you that there are days that are not easy.

Douglas Bennett: Colon Cancer Survivor since 2014

Google Reviews

I love this place. They are fantastic. Dr Haas and dr lefave are professional, outstanding group. A plus all around!

Susan Reilly

I was a first time patient in the Houston office
The staff up front are welcoming and skilled at their job
The Dr Haas, NP, and all the Med techs were great
Explain all and answered questions without a problem I am a nurse of 50 years and I have Parkinson’s Disease and they helped and guided me the whole time I was there
With follow up if needed

Anna Frederick

Great staff

Chuck Lamb

Dr Coursey and his staff are great!!! I highly recommend them for anyone needing care.

Denise Spears

I don't think I've been cared for by a more efficient doctor than Dr. LeFave. Terrific bedside manner; he made what sounded to be a very unpleasant experience end up feeling like a quick oil change on my car while I sipped coffee in the waiting area. Very lucky to have found him. Very lucky

Josh Lavian

Dr LeFave& his staff were very pleasant & helpful. I am not the best patient in the world yet they stood there and dealt with my concerns compassionately and professionally.
The only drawback is they do not have a patient portal like the rest of the community.

Melissa Reiter

Dr. LeFave: Thank you for the wonderful care and encouragement.

Thelma Zirkelbach

Facebook Reviews

I had a small bowel resection performed by Dr. LeFave. He was wonderful and charismatic, and he quickly put myself and my wife at ease. Everything was clearly explained along the way and all of our questions and concerns were addressed by him and the staff at Houston Colon.
I was amazed at how quickly I got back to feeling like myself after surgery. I drove 5 hours to Houston for the procedure at the recommendation of my local GI, and I am very glad that I did. With any luck, I won't have the need for a colorectal surgeon again, but I will be traveling to Houston again if that unfortunate time comes.

Mike Gersten recommends Houston Colon., 09/09/2020

Great bedside manner and very thorough explanations

Rick Appleby recommends Houston Colon, 09/10/2020

If you or a loved one want the best of the best here it is

Ron Hayes reviewed Houston Colon — , 05/27/2018

Dr. LeFave is very personable, takes the time to listen to all past surgical history and concerns, he’s not afraid to think outside of the box or get other referrals/doctors to help with healing and advice. Most importantly, the unknown does not push him away, he has not given up on me. He will do everything he can to make my quality of life, the best it can be. I have had 4 colorectal procedures, met with 5 colorectal surgeons and have had chronic low-grade fevers for over a year. As a mother of 4 young children, life has been hard, but I am luckily, back in his hands and his advice has always been ‘right-on’. I’ve had one past procedure with him and felt the best I’ve ever felt during this long journey. I will be having another surgery with him soon and feel VERY comfortable to be working with him again. With his hard work, I hope that my body will finally heal, and we can all get the answers that are needed. Dr. LaFave is such a blessing.

Laura Mays recommends Houston Colon., 09/20/2018

I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. My first contact was with Dr Haas and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was and how fast he was at getting back to me! A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have administration like his. The first point of contact is crucial!

Alberto Gzz reviewed Houston Colon — , 04/10/2018

I have had two rubber band ligation procedures here at Houston Colon with Dr. Haas and it was a wonderful experience both times. Both procedures were without pain, very fast, and I felt informed the entire time. In between these procedures, unfortunately, I tried to have the same procedure performed by another doctor because I lived in a different city and it was a nightmare! It was very painful-it brought me to tears during the procedure! Afterward, I had to take pain meds just to go about my day-it continued to hurt for 24 hours! I will never again go to anyone but Dr. Haas-what a night and day experience.

Cori Shaner Doron recommends Houston Colon, 09/02/2018

Day one when I met dr Haas, he assured me that he could remove this cancer by robotic surgery l. I was recommended by my dr in lake Charles. Dr Haas was so easy to understand I highly recommend dr Haas, staff and office personnel they have been very good to me, I highly recommended him to whoever is in need. From my surgery in Memorial Herman from dr Haas made sure I was well enough to go back home. Ever since I completed all my exams, I’m very happy with my results. I thank him for that!

Lester Richard recommends Houston Colon., 08/13/2016

Best of the best right here. Thanks Dr. Haas for removing my cancer and sticking with me on the long fight we had. All I can say is you didn't give up. I am grateful you were recommended to me by Dr. Sweat in 2009 here in my hometown. I don’t just view you as my surgeon but also a good friend. You always explained stuff to me and always had the time, even returning my phone call at 3 in the morning that 1 time. You probably don’t even remember. God bless Dr Haas and his entire staff

Delmar Crihfield reviewed Houston Colon — , 03/29/2016

Just had my surgery Monday 7/13. Great team of drs. highly recommend, my care and stay were also appreciated. Got to get this team golfing!

Leta K Brown recommends Houston Colon, 07/15/2015

Phenomenal group of Physicians providing excellent care. Dr Haas and his associates are dedicated skilled physicians who literally saved my life. I am beyond grateful for their care and compassion.
Everyone at Houston Colon puts the patients first. My experience was flawless from my first phone call through surgery and post op care.
I couldn’t have asked for better care.
Thank you to all that were involved in my care. Susan Young

Susan Young recommends Houston Colon, 07/31/2020

The most I can truly say to all...The very special care and kindness I received from Dr. Rachel Ellsworth from June until the present... She was very instrumental in my long treatment and recovery. I can't express in any words, how I appreciate her professionalism and her experience in getting where I am today. Thank you so much Dr. Ellsworth...Tomorrow I can spend my birthday with my children and grandchildren feeling myself healthy... Houston Colon is a great group we have here in Houston. I truly recommend to anyone Here. You will never be disappointed... Ruben Hernandez.

Ruben Hernandez recommends Houston Colon, 09/17/2020

Dr. Haas and his colleagues gave me my life back. For the past 3 years I have been suffering with diverticulitis attacks and everyone that I have seen just gave me antibiotics to calm it down. In March 2020, I have had the worst attack that I have ever had, and my doctor requested a CT scan. She immediately referred me to Dr. Haas. Dr. Haas wasted no time and called me to set me up with immediate surgery. His staff and colleagues are very helpful and super nice. Surgery is a success, and I feel great, as the weeks go by, I am getting stronger every day. I recommend Dr. Haas and his colleagues 100%!!!

Sergio SanMiguel recommends Houston Colon, 07/10/2020

I appreciate Houston Colon so much. Their staff and physicians, especially Dr. LeFave are respectful, caring, honest, and kind every time I need a visit. I would recommend them to any of my loved ones. Thank you, Houston Colon, for being there for me!

Sarah McBride recommends Houston Colon, 04/30/2020

Highly Recommended looking for Dr’s with Lots of Knowledge you are at the right place. Dr LaFave
Has the Best Personality he makes you fill at ease. Great bed side manners.

Dana Hawkins recommends Houston Colon, 04/27/2020

Dr. LeFave was the best!! He was very thorough and knowledgeable. The Dr and staff were caring and friendly. Overall a good experience and i would most definitely recommend this doctor!

Jenecia Latrae recommends Houston Colon, 04/24/2020

Thanks for the patient staff and doctors, they made me feel very comfortable. Dr Haas and LeFave were highly recommended by my OBGYN for my condition. For the first time I have a medical plan I believe will work and not just a temporary fix as I've experience in the past. They take the extra time to make sure you are cared for, especially during this stressful time I'm confident they have my best interest in mind. I’m a new patient but excited to start this new journey to better overall health.

Stacey Pope recommends Houston Colon, 04/28/2020

Dr Haas, Dr Weaver, and Dr LeFave are professional, and personable. They took time to explain every step of the way and answer any questions. I felt very secure during my procedure and. well taken care of. the office staff are always so nice!!! I feel blessed to have been referred to them!

Terri Baker recommends Houston Colon, 04/30/2020

I highly recommend Houston Colon. Dr. Haas, Dr. LeFave, and Dr. Weaver were very supportive, it pays to find a set of doctors with a lot of experience dealing with colon problems. I feel better than I have in years. Even their staff was very supportive, and I never spent very long in waiting room.

Kimberly Jones McBroom recommends Houston Colon, 04/29/2020

I was referred to Dr. LeFave, he is very thorough and a great listener, everybody in the office is very nice and helpful, I would highly recommend Dr. LeFave to family and friends. He is exceptional!

Alice M Oommen recommends Houston Colon., 04/28/2020

Dr. Haas is my doctor. Had surgery in 2016 and would recommend him highly!

Peggy Novak recommends Houston Colon, 04/30/2020

I’ve been seeing Dr. Haas and his team for many years. It is drive for me but worth it to get the best care. Especially grateful for Dr. LeFave for going above and beyond in my care.

Misti Melancon recommends Houston Colon, 04/19/2020

Hello, my name is Mike Lister. I had problematic diverticulitis bouts since 2010. In 2018 the Gulf Coast Gastroenterology Team took a look at my system. They performed a full work over involving a colonoscopy, endoscopy, small bowel series and a pill cam. They kept a watchful eye on me and in 2019 I had some intestinal infections that required hospitalization. They decided it was most likely time for surgery, so Dr. Haas was highly recommended.
In March of 2020 Dr. Haas and his team removed around eight inches of my colon that was in really bad shape and performed an ileostomy procedure. After a couple of months, I had some tests and imaging that confirmed my colon had indeed healed very well. In early June of 2020 the Surgeons reversed the ileostomy, again the results were very successful. It’s only been eight weeks since the reversal and I feel wonderful! I haven’t felt this great in many years! I would like to thank all the surgeons, nurses, staff members, all of the folks at Methodist and HCA Hospitals and anyone else who cared for me. Y’all ROCK! I feel like I have a new lease on life and am thankful from the bottom of my heart! I pray blessings on you all and your families from head to toe, in Jesus name, Amen.

Michael Wayne Lister recommends Houston Colon, 10/21/2020

My husband has been seeing Dr. Haas for the past year or so. This week he had surgery due to diverticulitis, this was a rough surgery, especially since this is during the COVID-19 pandemic and could have no one with him or visit him the entire week that he has been there. One or more of the doctors from Dr. Haas’s office have been there to see Alan every day and I have been on Factime with him for each of their visits. They have been wonderful about answering all of Alan’s and my questions, calming our fears, explaining procedures, clear with their orders, and compassionate. Dr. Weaver, Dr. LeFave and Dr. Haas were all there during the surgery. Dr. Haas called me after the surgery and he called my daughter who is a nurse to make sure that we understood what was done and why it was done. This has been a difficult time for us, not being together, but we could not ask for better doctors. We highly recommend these physicians.

Liz Caskey Brumbaugh recommends Houston Colon, 04/18/2020

Let me first say you cannot find a better Doctor or staff. Second, here is my story. Mid May a mass was found during a routine colonoscopy. Initial biopsy came back benign. The mass was taken out and determined it had cancer markings. I am 52 and I was in shock. June 26th my doctor, Dr Clemons, an extraordinary Dr. recommended Dr Haas. I got in to see him on June 29th because of a cancellation. Dr Haas had taken the time to talk to my doctor, he knew of me. Dr Haas states there was a 20% chance I needed surgery. I stated I wanted to be aggressive and he stated with my age (relatively young) and in good health he recommended surgery to remove the part of my colon that had the markings. Still in shock, he took the time to listen and empathize with me. There may have been tissues involved. I choose to have the surgery. July 5th I had a five hour surgery that removed a foot of my transverse colon. Dr. Haas and his staff were amazing, kind and compassionate. I felt like I was their only
Patient. I had surgery at Houston Methodist and was out of the hospital in two days. My follow up has been great and I highly recommend Dr. Haas and his staff. All reports find that all is clear, I am cancer free. Five Stars for this experience. Make your appointment with him today. Thanks for reading and all the best to you.

Rodney Coon recommends Houston Colon, 08/21/2018