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Rectal & Colon Cancer Surgery in Houston, TX

When you’re dealing with rectal or colon cancer, you want the most reliable and convenient treatment options to ensure your body is being taken care of. At Houston Colon, we offer minimally invasive surgical options so you can receive the cancer treatment you need without further compromising your comfort. Our team has a reputation for doing whatever we can to ensure you receive the best surgical options possible for your colorectal conditions. Learn more about our rectal and colon cancer treatment options and how our team is the area’s premier choice for minimally invasive procedures.


Innovative Surgical Solutions for Rectal Cancer

Rectal cancer is a disease that happens when cancerous cells form in the tissue of the rectum. Though rectal and colon cancer are similar diseases, they must be treated in different ways. This is because the rectum sits within a tight space close to other structures and organs in the pelvic cavity. Due to this, the removal of rectal cancer can be quite taxing without the proper knowledge and equipment. That’s why we only use the most innovative surgical techniques to address your rectal cancer. Treatment advancements have paved the way for innovative options known as laparoscopic surgery.

Safe & Effective Colon Cancer Surgery

When you visit us for robotic surgery, you will also receive a full evaluation to ensure your cancer has not spread. Our state-of-the-art equipment is the best of the best, and our team of seasoned professionals have what it takes to deliver minimally invasive surgery. In the past, the removal of these cancers required patients to undergo open surgery. Today, our professionals can utilize robotic surgical techniques to deliver less pain, less scarring, and lower rates of infection, thus cutting down on hospital and recovery time. With advanced surgical options and a knowledgeable team who’s always ready to help with your colorectal issues, Houston Colon is the team to call when you need the help you deserve.

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