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Leah Isbell Sachitano From Ecuador

I struggled for a very long time with extreme bowel pain due to endometriosis. It affected my work, my home life and my social life. It slowly took over every part of my life, making decisions based on whether there was a bathroom I was comfortable using. The disease process was so slow, I almost didn’t believe it had gotten as bad as I knew it was deep down, and I almost let the fear of surgery talk me out of doing something about it. But I decided to have faith and there are no words to express how amazing I feel now. Four weeks after my resections, I had my first NORMAL bowel movement, and as silly as this sounds, I wanted to cry. There was NO pain! NO nagging pains that I needed to just sit on the toilet for another hour! I just “did my business” and couldn’t believe how EASY it was! Dr. Haas and his team really FIXED me! Not only did they fix me, but they used mind-blowing, state of the art techniques that made my recovery so much easier! I’ll never be able to tell his team how truly grateful I am they gave me back my life. Look out tennis courts – I’m coming back!

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